Initial Consultation

Your consultation will help us get to know your family, your home, and your project better. At 1GR Builders, we see this as the beginning of our relationship. Whether you know what you want or you’re still thinking it through, our Estimators will meet with you, and talk you through the process. We will have an open conversation during this meeting to determine your project’s vision, needs, and budget.

Pricing and Planning

After our consultation, we will finalize the labor proposal and the scope of the project. We are known for standing by our estimates and communicating with you immediately if you make a decision that changes the estimate in any way. When working with 1GR Builders, you will never be surprised by any hidden fees, unexpected expenses, or additional materials costs.

Working on Your Home

Attention to detail, communication, and planning all come together as we walk you through your project. The Project Manager will facilitate communication between you and our installation crews. If you need to work or be at home during the project, we’ll do everything possible to minimize the disruption to your life.

1GR Builders has a full 1 year installation warranty. Even if our warranty has expired, we will help you take all the necessary steps to receive credit for the manufacturer’s warranty.


Our Clients